The participants of the colloquium will have the choice between different housing arrangements. As certain options require preliminary work of the organization team, precise information will only be available progressively. Anyways, we would like to invite all participants to stay in the city quarter of Bonnevoie itself. This will avoid unnecessary travels.

Those who prefer to book well in advance can now start looking for small hotels in the area or refer to sites like AirBnB. A slightly less traditional arrangement, namely couch-surfing, is also available within the relevant area. „Classic” or rather “experimental” arrangement? It’s up to you!

We will also mobilize “private” people from the neighbourhood to welcome you into their homes. A list of these people will be made available soon and expanded as our little “snails” raise awareness among others during their experiments. Case to follow…

The “brave” among you are asked to bring their tents and sleeping bags. We have at your disposal “private” gardens as well as other possibilities that we will reveal to you very soon. For those who want to get out of the cuttings carried by any form of planning, come without booking or sleeping bag, and you will find yourself in a new experience, just like we will!

It all depends on which category you put yourself in: “safe with a reservation” or “adventurous”, “with a plan” or “without a plan”, “rather conformist” or “rather experimental”. The “evils” of categorizations only exist when they create undesirable effects in the people concerned, so let us remain sensitive.