Airbnb hosts offer a wide variety of accommodation, ranging from shared rooms to private islands.

All accommodation is grouped into three categories:

Whole accomodation

Whole accommodations are made for you if you want to feel at home even when you travel. You will have a whole space at your disposal. The accommodation generally comprises a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen.

Private rooms

Private rooms are made for you if you prefer to have your privacy while exchanging with residents of your destination. With a private room, you share some rooms (kitchen, bathroom) with other people, but you still have your own room. To access your room, you will need to pass through the space that may be occupied by the host or other travellers.

Shared rooms

Shared rooms are for you if you don’t mind sharing your space with other people. You will share your room and the whole accommodation with other people. This type of accommodation is ideal for flexible travellers looking for new encounters and a stay at unbeatable prices.

Attached is a search for AirBnB accommodation for the dates 1 July to 4 July 2018, in the Bonnevoie district. You can of course modify this search online.