A bit of experimentation

Given the theme of the conference, the local organizing committee deliberately opted for an “alternative” mode of organization, which might be described as experimental. Indeed, the committee considered it interesting to “suspend” the distinctions between target audiences (scientists, professionals, recipients of social work, the general public), science and art or theory and practice in order to not “blindly” reproduce the categories being debated.

The fact that the conference will not take place in the premises of the University of Luxembourg but in the city quarter of Bonnevoie is to be seen as a direct implication therefrom. Just as conference participants will be encouraged to “extend” various places within the neighbourhood, the participants themselves shall be “extended” through those places and associated persons. The premises of a local youth centre for example will thus become a place for debate and meetings, where various “publics” shall intermingle.  Participants, whether they want it or not, will in a certain way mutate into community workers – the same applies to neighbourhood residents. Participants will be encouraged to become actively involved in the creative work on the aforementioned categorizations within the city quarter itself. The organizers of the conference will seek to mobilize professionals from within Bonnevoie – a “sensible district” with the highest density of social institutions in Luxembourg – as well as users/clients/recipients/trainees and the many students present.

Through the partnership with Inter-Actions’ community service, categorizations shall be suspended with regard to accommodation, food and social exchanges. In the same way, the collaboration with the cultural space Rotondes will open up further new dimensions.